Friday, July 31, 2009

The bags are packed, but we're not ready to go..

Last day, last time to Central Park..quick stop at FAO, last stop at Zabar's for lunch..everything was fun today..and magical, but sad..and after we stuffed the car before the huge we drove.. looking at all the graffitti, which looked great, the billboards advertising Shrek, cool brownstone apts.. it was a great experience.. and luckily we get to go back next year.. Then who knows...? Another great family adventure... ps.. we were happy to see our dogs.. and they look fabulous!

The bags are packed, but we

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Northrups want to take New York home!

Last chapter, coming up....

east village and c park.

Almost our last day.. we love the east village so we took the slowest bus in history to c. park and then down to the village..We saw the art of the mosaic-artist Jim Power who is allowed to cover light posts and other things in this neighborhood..and some public art, too. We stumbled upon the Frank Gehry building, too.

More info about Jim Power

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

farmer's mrkt

The NY botanical garden hosts a farmers mrkt.. this lettuce we bought was not only delicious, a bit bitter, but crisp.. and unbelievably beautiful, deep purple and bright green! if you have ever tried to grow lettuce you know this is a beauty!

farmer's mrkt

New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx

Did we know it was going to pour, and i mean pour rain... twice. once in the Bronx we got completely drenched and stopped at a farmer's market to get dry before our hike to the subway.. but 7 dollars bought dinner, so that was worth it.. then at 125th street we are feeling dry and warmer but the storm followed us.. Twice drenched..
The botanical garden was great, but it was about 85 degrees with 89 percent humidity and the woman at the toll booth neglected to tell us we needed tickets for everything..we hiked back down the hill, after we found out that the kids gardens and tram need tickets as does the conservatory..up to the window and a charge of 59 dollars for 3! are you kidding.. ?so we walked everywhere and didn't seem some of the gardens..oh well, live and learn...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fun bookstore and of course, bakery....

Check out the dancing cupcakes.. here, this is next door to Books of Wonder, down the street from City Bakery.. This bookstore is out of this world.. they introduced Harp to Harriet the Spy- a huge hit.. this summer..

a tiny review

Cookie, amazing.. I found out he refrigerates the dough for 36 hours.. I will definitely try this! As for the famous magnolia's.. decent cake, drier than I had imagined it would be.. the girls proclaimed, "mom, your are still better!," especially since they were fresh.. great but too much frosting.. we fed it to some probably now dead pigeons.. had a nice chat with the park lady who sweeps.. she says, " anyone who makes over 250,000 a year is a crook! and too bad for the downturn.. " she was lovely to chat with.. we always enjoy talking to the local folks who have lived and worked here for a while..

cookie in action and of course, a magnolia's cupcake..

City Bakery

ok folks. i don't really even like cookies, i would rather eat ice cream but the chocolate chip cookies at city bakery are so good you eat one and go back for more..even in 90 degree heat after walking all day! They are unbelievable. I didn't know they were so outstanding until after the first bite- the best cookie ever! Then i looked it up online and yes they are the best in nyc.. it is on 18w 18th st. in the flatiron.. worth a trip just for the cookies..great coffee from irving farm, too.

waterpod on the hudson river

After a quick trip to bill clinton's favorite dinner spot, the dinosaur bbq, we walked to the fairway, our favorite grocery, and then off to look at the waterpod. "Well, lucky for us, mom loves to chat with people!, " said Harper- and before we knew it we were getting a tour of the waterpod. It is an experimental boat, house, artspace, and sustainability experiment... The have gorgeous chickens, an amazing garden, outdoor kitchen, and a spot for guest speakers.. it will be on display around the boroughs until october.. we felt so lucky to get a tour from one of the members..! after that fun at the hudson rockshore.. lots of seaweed, who knew?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

moma and man with pool!

here is the wall at the museum

other stuff

john's pizza

The first coal-fired pizza in NYC.. a long line but worth it... ! mmmm

bird coffee

pizza at Johns, pearl paint and good coffee


Today we stood in hours of lines to see the Statue of L. and now we know a free trip on the Staten Island Ferry is the way to go. CROWDS of slow walking people.everywhere.. eeekkk!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

the picture with all of the black and white writing above the HandE's heads is a record of everyone who has been willing to be measured that walks through this exhibit.. i told the girls, "don't be sad that we are short.. we are not part of the mainstream!" they wanted to be up higher.. sorry, genetics.

day at the MOMA

We took a great class at the Museum, spent the rest of the day there, had rootbeer floats later on, and went to Books of Wonder-the best bookstore in NYC for kids.. Makes the Strand look like Books-a-million.. Photos coming..The girls have very little interest in returning to Viginia. They are city girls now!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cool table, fun dinner in hell's kitchen
Our favorite doughnut shop
Our seats at Shrek
chopsticks for all at chinese in chinatown
crazy coney island

more fun

central park boat row!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boats and Broadway

More news later on this first hot don't get into an empty subway car, it is not airconditioned....