Wednesday, July 1, 2009

fun on the subway...

Today we went to the always fun Chelsea Market and bought giant cupcakes and sandwiches and went onto the Highline.. a new park that was created out of the meatpacking district's elevated train...Harper enjoyed an oreo cupcake and Emma a hoho cupcake.. while I had the most amazing cup of coffee since Italy at the #9 shop. After strolling the super fancy streets with designer shops like Stella Mccartney we hopped into the Apple store and drooled over the iphones. The most amazing part of the day was the subway.. We were on our routine trip on the one train and a mariachi band hopped on for one stop and play a few great songs, collected money and off they went.. A few minutes later a man hopped on with 3 or 4 cameras-one with a lens as long as Emma's arm and I pointed him out to the girls and he came over and sat with us and told us that he worked for the Associated Press, let the girls hold his big camera and then proceeded to give us photos that he had taken! What a variety of people in this big city.... Emma proclaimed, the best day yet!

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