Tuesday, June 16, 2009

books and tiramisu

We just stayed in the neighborhood today.. we went up to Bank Street bookstore and spent about 2 hours looking at stuff.. a great place.. and we found out there is a k-8 school run by Columbia U.
Went to the Fairway and spent an hour in the frosty cold room wearing store-provided coats.. a very in the hood day..Even witnessed a bicycle, car, ambulance accident 4 stories below.. ah.. the city.. Tomorrow Central Park.and the scooters...


  1. This is so fantastic to be able to see you guys and what you are up to! Cool turtle shot! That school is the lab school for Columbia Teacher's College and I have always wanted to go and visit.Has Alex stearted school? What do the girls think of NYC?
    Miss you all!

  2. he starts on Monday.. and if you don't think i am going to get a break before that then....the girls really like it. so much to do and see and no complaints about crowds, space, food, anything.. they are good at adjusting to change.. who knew! and luckily they enjoy food like i do so we can try fun places with out the "where's Mcdonald's?"so as long as i put a fun kid place in the mix we are good. Next adventure..overseas......